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Teaching Ideas

Upholding the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, CELAJ earnestly carries forward the academy policy of “Seeking truth from facts, and keeping pace with the times; maintaining the style of arduous struggle and exercising state power for the people”, making full use of the regional advantages and historical resources of Jinggangshan and its surrounding areas to improve the trainees’ ideological and political quality and their governing awareness and governance capability. Concerning the central task and key work of the Party and the state, CELAJ, sticking to the principle of integrating theory with practice and teaching according to the trainees’ needs, combines the fine tradition of the Party with the promotion of the spirit of the times, the historical experience of Jinggangshan with the practice of opening-up and modernization construction to build the academy into a base conducting education in the revolutionary tradition and in the fundamental realities of the country, and ultimately to reach the goal of training: confirming belief, strengthening responsibility, upgrading quality, and promoting creativity