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Logistic Services

CELAJ is located in the scenery revolutionary cradle—Jinggangshan and situated in the Northwest of Ciping Town. On its east runs the Red Army North Road, and on the South, North and West, it is embosomed in green mountains. Its major infrastructure projects, approved by the State Planning Commission in Nov., 2002, started in June, 2003, and in March, 2005, the project was completed and put into service. The academy covers a total area of 242 mu, with a floor space of 262, 000 square meters. The total investment of the project amounts to 174 million RMB, and the afforestation rate reached 82.5%. The principal building consists of five single buildings, namely, dorm building, library, guest house and equipment building, with an architecture style of Anhui Garden, matching perfectly with the natural environment and cultural environment of Jinggangshan, which is solemn, elegant, simple and graceful. Thus the campus displays an “ecological, networked and garden-like” feature and embodies CELAJ’s ideal of education: to carry forward education by creating favorable environment, keeping pace with the times and giving first consideration to the need of people.

CELAJ boasts a total number of 287 dorms (131, single; 113, double, 43 suite), 350 dining tables (240 in trainees’ cafeteria; 50 in guest house; 60 in private rooms), 17 meeting rooms and classrooms (one auditorium with 500 seats; one multifunction room with 126 seats; three conference rooms with 20 to 54 seats; six multimedia classrooms with 28 to 82 seats; six seminar rooms with 10 to 16 seats; 22 vehicles (two Volvos; eight Toyota Coasters; 12 other cars and vans) with a total transportation capacity of 293 seats, of which 273 for teachers.

The “Dragon Garden”, located in the Northwest of the academy, covers an area of more than 160 mu, within which it has one training center camp (engaging in 25 training programs such as rock-climbing, air acrobat, air bar-grasping, giant ladder-climbing, and Luding Bridge crossing); one 3km-mountain climbing walk; eight corridors and pavilions for rest; three pools; three little bridges; one waterfall, and one escalade. Besides, there are also supporting facilities such as business center, gymnasium, recreation room, tennis court, basketball court, laundry, etc. With beautiful scenery and fresh air, “Dragon Garden” is surely a nice place for morning exercises and mountain climbing.

In logistic service, CELAJ adopted the model of entrusting management. Dormitory, food supply, property, power security, campus safety, etc. are entrusted to the management of Jiangxi Hotel in accordance with the service standard of “four-star” hotel. The maintenance of the weak electricity system is committed to China Telecom Jiangxi Corporation.

With “serving the trainees, serving the faculty, and serving teaching and scientific research” as its service theme, and with “effective guarantee, efficient management, and human-oriented service” as its objective, CELAJ focuses on creating a modern logistic, a quality logistic, a red (revolutionary) logistic and a harmonious logistic to provide effective services for leadership training.