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Teaching Model

CELAJ practices a unique leadership training model with the combination of short-term training and workshop, characterized by site visits and secured by process administration.

Under the model, CELAJ aims at creating a “One center, three-plate” teaching pattern, i.e. Uphold the study of the important thought of “Three Represents” and the Scientific Concept of Development as the central task, while strengthening Jinggangshan spirit education, upgrading the Party's governance capability and Vanguard nature, and promoting the study of basic national conditions.

As for teaching structure, CELAJ adopts mainly such patterns as “emotion-knowledge mutual promotion” and “problem exploration”, i.e. attaches great importance in teaching methods to the interaction of site visits and class-teaching, and the combination of emotional impact and rational thinking.

In teaching administration, CELAJ combines functional management with project management in accordance with its teaching features, attaching great importance to the dynamic control of the teaching process, guaranteed by process management, planned management and para-militarized management.