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Academy Name & Academy logo

China Executive Leadership Academy, Jinggangshan

Inscribed by Jiang Zemin, the Former Secretary-General of CPC Central Committee 
The logo of China Executive Leadership Academy, Jinggangshan

With a five-point star and character “井” as its basic design elements, the logo accurately expresses CELAJ’s functions of “two-base and one-station ”, and embodies its political and revolutionary character.

The five-point star is a symbol of revolution and CPC . The leaping five-point star on the emblem embodies Chinese revolutionary tradition and implies China’s most pioneering political power full of revolutionary fervor, matching perfectly the functions of CEL AJ

Jinggangshan is the cradle and holy land of Chinese revolution.The character “井” (the first character of Jinggangshan , meaning “ well ridge mountain” literally ) on the logo highlights the special geographical position of CELAJ , illustrating its uniqueness in leadership training . Meanwhile, the character “井” is transformed into well-mouth shape, signifying the unity of Party members who grow out of Jinggangshan revolutionary cradle to become the backbone of our nation.

The logo is colored gold and red. Gold, a color of nobleness, embodies the modernisms of CELAJ , and red , a color of revolutionary nature , signifies that CELAJ’s leadership training will greatly inspire its trainees’ revolutionary fervor to devote themselves to our country’s socialist construction.