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Teaching Methodology

In light of its special teaching characteristics, CELAJ, on the basis of getting traditional class teaching done well, integrates site visits and class teaching with social practice, applying comprehensively workshop, case study and heuristic approach to strengthen the teacher-student interaction and to enhance its training effect.

Depending on its unique and rich “red” (revolutionary) resources, CELAJ has exerted great efforts to establish site-visit teaching model, which focuses on the philosophy that history serves as a teacher of present, and present, of future.

In accordance with the functional demand of the model that “every site should function as a living textbook, and every site-visit class a baptism of spirit,” CELAJ designs its teaching subjects and teaching priorities based on the unique resources of each site-teaching center. In order to promote the teaching effect and induce the trainees’ strong emotional resonance, teaching approaches such as situation simulation, visual images presentation, etc. have been adopted, through which historical events and episodes are reproduced.

Under the guidance of our Party’s fine style of integrating theory with practice, other new forms in social practice teaching have also been developed. For example, in order to help the trainees have a deeper understanding of the fundamental realities of our country, and therefore enhancing their awareness that the Party is built for the public and that it exercises state power for the people, various social investigations have been conducted in countryside, neighborhoods and businesses, through which they approach closer to the realities of life, and to people, their abilities of analyzing and solving practical problems being greatly improved.

Invisible course construction, which integrates education with life, has reached a high level. CELAJ puts high premium on the harmony between extra-curriculum activities and regular classes. Many a new form such as musicals, dances, campus broadcasts, car-mounted media broadcasts, and movies, etc. has been developed to conduct education in the glorious revolutionary tradition of Jinggangshan. Through listening to and singing revolutionary songs, the trainees’ revolutionary fervor is greatly inspired, and a unique campus culture with CELAJ characteristics has been formed, in which regular teaching and fun activities mutually completing each other.