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Xinhua Commentary: Int'l Day for Dialogue among Civilizations brings vigor to cultural exchanges

BEIJING, June 10 (Xinhua) -- According to a China-proposed resolution unanimously adopted by the 78th session of the UN General Assembly on Friday, June 10 was designated as the International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations.

The aim of China's proposal was to fully leverage the important role of dialogue among civilizations in eliminating discrimination and prejudice, enhancing understanding and trust, promoting people-to-people connectivity, and strengthening unity and cooperation, said Fu Cong, China's permanent representative to the UN.

It is against the following backdrop that China made the proposal: In the current context of multiple interlocking crises and challenges, the world has entered a new period of instability and change, placing human society at the crossroads of history once again.

The proposal demonstrates China's firm support for multilateralism and the work of the United Nations, highlighting China's responsibility as a major country in a century of unprecedented changes.

In recent years, China has been building platforms for dialogue and exchanges between various civilizations, creating opportunities for the common prosperity and development of different cultures through its strong economic vitality.

The exchange and integration of cultures serve as important prerequisites for creating a better life for people and a harmonious and peaceful world.

A vivid example in this regard is this year's Dragon Boat Festival, which coincides the newly established International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations.

When the Chinese people are celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival on Monday, dragon boat races are not only being held in China, but also in other parts of the world.

In Frankfurt, Germany, the first International Dragon Boat Friendship Race was held, featuring dragon boat teams from China, Germany and other countries. In the Netherlands, people were eager to watch a lion dance, dragon boat races and other cultural activities and immersed themselves in the fest.

The festival embodies the increasing popularity of Chinese tradition and culture worldwide, and China's concept of peaceful coexistence, living in harmony with nature, and agreeing to accept differences has been gradually recognized by the international community for its value in addressing today's problems.

Cultural connectivity promotes people-to-people bond. Along with other civilizations, the Chinese civilization will build culture bridge to link the world.