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CPPK cadre study group visits CELAJ

On January 8th, a cadre study group of Communist People's Party of Kazakhstan (CPPK) led by Shapenov Alibek,member of CPPK Central Committee, visited CELAJ. Ke Hua, vice president of CELAJ met the group. 

Following the visit of the exhibition room of CELAJ, a formal discussion was held. Ke Hua, expressed the welcome to the group, and introduced the great achievements the CPC lead Chinese people in revolution, construction and reform, mainly focused on the experience of CPC's governance 70 years ago.

Shapenov Alibek said that the CPC has made remarkable achievements in aerospace engineering and bridge construction, leading Chinese people of all ethic groups live in harmony. The CPPK is ready to continue to strengthen exchanges between the two Parties, learn from the experience of the CPC in party governance and state administration and push for in-depth development of bilateral cooperation in various fields.